6 Things to Do to Be An Adult: Even If You Don’t Feel Like It That Wont Cost You a Thing!

When do we turn into adults?  I don’t know.  The truth is that I’m 31 and I’m still not sure that I feel like an adult.  True I just moved home in the wake of everything that happened, but I have been living on my own since I was 18 years old and I’ve never felt more like an adult.  Maybe it’s because I have time to do more now then just make the ends meet and drag my soon-to-be-ex-spouse off the sofa. That being said, there are a few easy things I have found that can make you more of an adult…or at least feel like one.

Develop a Routine

I know this sounds lame but as I said in my last post about training, routines are super important.  They help streamline all of the things you have to do in your day and can make you more productive.

You should know what time you need to go to bed (And trust me, no one is going to fault you for needing to be home by ten on a Tuesday) and when you need to wake up in the morning to get to work 15 minutes before you need to be there.  These should be no-brainers, leaving that thinking power or other, more important things.

I highly suggest getting a planner.  Planning and routines go hand in hand and you want to look like someone that knows whats going on and has control of the things that are happening in their life.  No one is going to make the person that can never show up on time the head of a meeting.

Having a routine makes you far more productive and put together even when you don’t feel like you are.

Explore Hobbies

This might sound weird, most of all when our entire young lives we were told to focus on school and things that could propel us into the future.  Still, it is all too common I find that once people are in their adult years they really just go to work and then come home.  There are reasons why hobbies are important.

The first is the fact that you need to be doing something besides what you HAVE to do.  It relieves stress and makes you a more well-rounded individual.  It expands your brain and keeps you learning.  Learning is something that your brain needs to keep expanding and keep it sharp in later years.

Hobbies are also great because you get a chance to meet other people.  This can be difficult as you get older and it becomes harder and harder to meet people.

Another reason to keep up with hobbies and explore new things is the appearance it gives you?  Selfish and vein?  Not at all.  Your hobbies say a lot about who you are and people that might want to employ you can learn a lot about you based on your interests.


Be Aware of the World Around You

This is something that I think really defines when you are no longer a child.  Children think that the world revolves around them and their problems; adults know that there is a big old world out there with lots of things going on; things that are far more important then whats going on in our little corners.

I’m not talking about what TMZ is talking about either or what tv shows are on (Though as long as its appropriate this is fine).  What I am talking about is current events.  Yes, you should know whats going on in Syria and who your congressman/woman is. While we’re at it you should make sure that your voter’s registration is up to date too.  Some people find these sorts of things boring but you know what?  It’s still important.  As a member of society, you should think about what your opinion about current events is.

Ways to do this is easier then you think.  Put the New York Times app on your phone.  While you’re putting on your makeup or shaving for you males, turn on MPR and listen. Asking Alexa/ Google whats going on in the world this morning.  15 minutes in the car on the way to work is far better than nothing.

Clean Up Your On-Line Presence

We all hear this all of the time but people seldom do it.  As I get older I see more and more people thinking that things like ranting, snap chatting and other things are just for fun and part of life.  Yes they are part of life now.  Its not like it was when I was in college and basically, we just had Facebook.  Make sure of these two things to make sure that social media works FOR you instead of against.

First is obvious:  Don’t put up negative things or exposing things.  What you say to other people or post says way more about you then it does about the subject material or other person.  Call out culture should be avoided.  If you are having an issue with someone you need to resolve it peacefully or plain old let it go.  (Notice that I have not posted anything about my ex on any of my social media.  I haven’t even shared this blog with Facebook or said my ex’s name in the past month and a half.)

The second is a subject that I share with the runners that I train and that is to make your feed one that will inspire you and not derail you.  Follow people that you find to be inspirations and groups that you find motivating.  If you are not empowered by your feed, there isn’t a point in having it.

The Peer Rule is also very important.  When I was managing in my old position, it was INSANE how many of the people that were under me tried to friend me on facebook.  Do not do this!  Your boss and you can be friendly but that doesn’t mean that you are FRIENDS.  You do not want your boss seeing that wild night out you had last night!

More then that make social media work for you!  Be that positive inspiring person that other people follow!

Watch Your Drinks

This sort of goes with the last statement in the social media post.  Being the party girl might have been cute in college (But it probably wasn’t) but it sure as hell isn’t when you’re an adult.  You dont need to have a drink every night and you sure as hell dont need to be drinking from a beer bong.

Lots of work events can involve alcohol including business dinners.  Whats important is not knowing your limits like so many people say it is.  You should not be drinking more then one drink (If you’re over 150 pounds maybe two) at a work function.  It can be a social thing but you are not there to drink or get a free meal.  You are there to show just how responsible you are.

Dress Like You Care

I will admit that this is something that I haven’t been all that good at in the past.  I’m not super fashionable and I always thought that it was kind of vein to spend time putting on makeup, curling my hair, ectera.  But the fact is that its not.  Taking care of yourself and your personal appearance will make you feel like a million bucks even if you’re just steaming someones cappichino.  I”m personally making it a point to only wear button down shirts when I wear jeans, to wear slacks as much as possible, only wear t-shirts to the gym and to never wear yoga pants when I’m going to do yoga.  Building the image of yourself physically will not only develop your own personal style but also cultivate others postive image of you as a put together person!

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