How to Make Friends: Its harder then you think!

My father mentioned last night that I needed to get out and make friends.  He is just as subtle as I am when he is trying to help I suppose.

One of the things that I’m finding the hardest about this entire situation is making friends.  I know that sounds a bit strange.  I am a pretty happy and open person and I never thought that I minded getting out and meeting people.  When I was in San Antonio I hosted a run group with a few friends and I was always ready to hang out, never really having much of a problem with it.  I’m the kind of person that smiles at strangers on the street and says hi and have a great day.

But moving to a new city, not having a job, not knowing anyone (I lived here up until I was 13 but obviously no one is really around anymore) and not ready to get back onto the dating scene yet, along with the fact that until I have a job I have to kind of conserve cash, I’m kind of at a lose!  Most of the friends that I met, I met at work so it’s rather hard without a job.  There is a run group that I can join but for some reason I just…I don’t know I’m scared and reluctant.

Not to mention that as I am slowly finding out, I became more Isolated than I ever thought in my old relationship.  I was always feeling guilty if I went out with friends since the W never wanted to go out.  Thinking back on it it was really limiting.  I always wanted to take a wine class or a bartending class, go snowboarding, all of those sorts of things but he would never do anything besides the minimum or even tell me when he was off work (Though now we know why dont we?).

I suppose I could meet people at these sorts of things but again….money.  I dont know what will happen once I do.  I’m not going to lie and say that this entire thing hasn’t shaken my confidence a lot.  But I refuse to continue to be limited even by my own unease.

I suppose my question is, aside from work, how do you as an adult meet people?

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